Annual General Meeting 2018.

Held at the Blue C Hotel 82 Queens Promenade, North Shore, Blackpool. FY2 9RO.

Sunday 8th April 2018 at 11am.


1. Chairman’s Welcome.  The Chairman Jim Watkins opened the meeting at 11.01am by welcoming all the delegates from 16 affiliated clubs to Blackpool.


2. Apologies. David Lumsden F.F.C.C


3. Minutes from the 2017 AGM. These had been circulated to the affiliated Federation Clubs, all those present were happy to have them excepted as a true record being proposed by Steve Cook North of England and seconded by Keith Roberts Cornwall & Devon F.F.C.C


4. Matters arising. Nil.




Cheque received from southern county’s F.F.C.C £30


Cheque received from F.F.C.C £60


Email from Chris Smith re Selling Canary Council rings


Email from Chris Smith re Proposed 2-day National Exhibition. The Chairman stated that he hadn’t replied to Chris

The Chairman informed the meeting that the request for the two day show wasn’t a direct request from the parrot society but a notification that a mandate had been but forward to the parrot society by Chris to extend the National Exhibition  to two days there was a bit of confusion as to when the proposed move to a two day show would be implemented if passed and the chairman asked Mr. Adam Kendal for some clarity on this issue Adam stated that it was his understanding that due to the logistic of making the National into a 2 day show that if the proposal was passed it would be for the 2019 show ,Adam then gave some clarity on the reasoning behind such a move and the rough format of the show

Day 1 birds benched from 9 am to 12pm

Day 1 judging commences at 1pm

Day 1 awards placed by 4.30 /5pm

Day 2 Exhibition open all day to the public  

The delegates discussed the pros and cons of such a move and issues where raised around the welfare of the birds for a 2 day show and some delegates voiced their concerns on the coordination of traveling to the show for 2 days

With a meeting of all fancies involved in the National exhibition to take place on the 29th of April  a clear intention on the federations decision to support the change or not and with some delegates only hearing of the proposal for the first time at todays meeting it was decided that delegates be given the time to return to there clubs to seek opinions from there members and contact Adam directly before the 29th of April


6. Chairman’s Address. The Chairman thanked the delegates for taking the time to support the meeting.

He stated that it had been a quite difficult year after the unfortunate resignation of the newly elected federation secretary Wayne Morton after only 3 months but that he had tried his best under the circumstances ,despite the Federation National Showing a slight loss he felt that over all the show was a great success and complimented the show committee for there hard work on putting the show together .the chairman was disappointed with the criticism some fanciers had with the federation been posted on Facebook and felt it was unnecessary and was only adding to a difficult situation running the federation without a secretary despite this issue with Facebook he would like to thank Daz Arthur for all his work on the federation Facebook page and thinks it’s a great addition to the fed ,He would also like to remind federation club of the availability of the federation website and would encourage all federation clubs to get  as much information into Terry to post on the site, some delegates said they have no access to email and Jim suggested that they can post the information to Terry and he will happily post it on the site .He then addressed the suggestion that he had altered mandated that where submitted to the federation and he stated that he was only following the protocol of previous secretaries and if this had caused any upset or unrest among member clubs he apologies as this was not his intention



7.Vice Chairman’s Address. Michael Gorin Snr. Opened his address with thanking Wayne Morton and the previous secretary Dave Shelbourne for there contribution to the Federation and gave an update on there wellbeing and wished them all the best for the future

Michael stated that it had been a very difficult year without a secretary but that himself and the chairman had done there very best and would like to thank the chairman for his dedication to his post and the extra responsibilities that he took on in the past year

He would like to congratulate Paul Larkin and the members of the Fife Canary Club of Ireland on the success of there first show and wished them all the best for the future, he also thanked Terry and Daz for there continued work on the website and Facebook page

He also wanted to voice his disappointment at the comments made on Facebook straight after the Federation Agm in 2017 and felt that these comments where only trying to undermine the work and position of the elected Federation officers and wants this to stop and that we show unity after this years AGM and that any comments will be put to the federation committee through the correct channels and not on social media and wants the fancy to be about  the exhibition of the fancy that we all love


8 Secretaries Report. Due to the unfortunate resignation of our secretary early in the year no report is available.


9. Show committee report

Henry cooper from the show committee addressed the delegates and opened with his address with a plea to the room that more help is needed at the end of the National exhibition and it’s a lot of work when there is only 4/5 fanciers to take the staging down and that with a couple more it would make the end of a very successful show easier ,over all the 2017 show was a great success and the slight losses where due to the lack of exhibitor date base from the previous Sec and because of this the committee was blind in sending out schedules to exhibitors which he felt resulted in over 100 been unnecessarily  sent .He thanked the other members of the show committee for there hard work and complimented Adam Kendal on the successful work on securing extra sponsorship for the show in 2018

He confirmed that the judges and the accommodation for the judges is confirmed for this year’s show. The Balance sheet at the end of 2017 was £2905.08 an increase of approx. £300 on the 2016 Balance. The planned election of a dedicated Treasurer a clearer financial report will be issued to clubs in due course





10. Any other business. Nil


2018 Business.


11. Election of Officers.

Chairman                  Mr. Jim Watkins      Mr. Charlie Gardiner.   Mr. Jim Watkins Elected by 11 to 5 votes
Vice Chairman          Mr. Michael Gorin Snr      No Other Nominations                       Elected

General secretary     Mr. Paul Larkin                No Other Nominations                        Elected

Treasurer                  Mr. Henry Cooper            No Other Nominations                        Elected 

The Vice chair Mr. Michael Gorin Snr invited the newly elected General Sec Mr. Paul Larkin to join the top table to continue the 2018 Business

12. Mandates

1 Cleveland Border & Fife F.C.C. & West Wales F.F.C.C.  Propose

All Member club secretaries in future must advertise their meeting dates and venues on the federation Website, it not only lets their members know when and where they are to be held but would encourage new members to join the fancy.

Passed 10/4 votes


2.  Fife Canary Club of Ireland   Propose that all member clubs provide a club email address

Which should be published on the Federation Website this would help with communication and help with matching new members with their nearest club.

Passed 15/1 votes


3.  North Staffs & South Cheshire F.F.C.C.  Propose the option to use a small black bottomed tube drinker as an addition to the show cage drinker, position of this to be determined by the Federation.

Defeated 13/3 votes


4.North Wales F.F.C.C.  propose the addition of a small tubular drinker on the back of the show cage, in addition to the top hat show cage drinker, all tubular drinkers must be identical, the Federation to choose which design to use. Defeated 13/3


5.  North Wales F.F.C.C.  Propose   Gold & Silver Classification to be amended as enclosed sheets.

Defeated 13/3 votes


6.  North Staffs & South Cheshire F.F.C.C.  Propose the addition of two classes to the Gold classification

Any Fawn Cock    Any Fawn

Defeated 13/3 votes


7.    North Staffs & South Cheshire F.F.C.C.   Propose replacing Oat Husks with Tierwhol

        Fife Canary Club of Ireland   Propose Replacing Oat Husks with Tierwhol

Vote tied 8/8 Defeated under Chairman’s casting vote rule


8.   Fife Canary Club of Ireland   propose the introduction of an award of Fancier of the Year

To be compiled from Federation Member club shows

Vote tied 8/8 Passed under Chairman’s casting vote rule


9.    North Staffs & South Cheshire F.F.C.C.   Propose the introduction of two annual awards, to be awarded to those who win most colour specials at Federation Member Clubs Shows. Most Successful Champion Stud & Most Successful Novice Stud

Defeated 13/3 votes


10.   Fife Canary Club of Ireland   Propose an extension of the Novice rule, to be extended from the current 5 years to 10 years, with the provision set that a novice fancier can chose to move from Novice to Champion at 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, or 9 years when they feel they are ready, once the decision is taken it cannot be reversed.

Defeated 10/6 votes

 11.North Wales F.F.C.C. Propose the maximum length of time a fancier may compete as a Novice be increased from 5yr to 8 yr.

Passed 11/5 Votes


12. North Wales F.F.C.C. Propose the Federation runs its own ring scheme, offering both split and closed IOA/COM approved rings.

Passed  9/7 Votes


13.  Fife Canary Club of  Ireland   To help bring clarity to the Judges panel, we would like to propose that all panel Judges complete a panel judge form on a yearly basis and to be returned to the Federation no later than  1st February each year with the details of the previous year., this would help with both the availability of panel judges and to ensure that the list is current with suitable qualified judges, the details should be as follows.


Name                                                                                               Address

Phone Number                                                                                Email Address

Shows exhibited at                                                                         Judging Engagements

Are you available to Judge in (Tick if applicable)?

England                  Wales                 Scotland                   Northern Ireland                 Rep of Ireland                     Europe

Passed 9/7 Votes


13.   Nominations for the Judges Panel


Cleveland Border & Fife F.C.C.  Propose

Mr Michael Gorin JNR  25 Orchard Way, Ormsby, Middlesbrough TS7 9BT   Tel.  078 1493 2143

Mr Andy Roger  26, Auldton Terrace, Ashgill, ML9 3AG    077 19721 182                                      


North Of England F.F.C.C.   Propose

Mr G. Holmes  Nomination withdrawn

Mr B. Caldwell  44 Morton Road, Stewarton, Ayrshire  KA3 3BD   01560 482677 Mob 0781 2969 080


Midland F.F.C.C.  Propose

Mr Jeremy Faria  77 Long Island Crescent, Unionville, Ontario, Canada L3P 7MI

Brian Russel Field Five House ,Hooks Lane ,Camberton ,East Yorkshire HU129QA  01964626194 Mob 07757550314



The Chairman recommended that a vote be taken on the reinstatement of Geoff Hamlett to the panel as he had received confirmation from North west F.F.C.C that he now meets the requirements of the Panel judge criteria .This was passed by the members present

Discussion Points.

Mr Charlie Gardiner from the Mid Ulster Fife Canary Club addressed the room with an insight in to how his club has successfully secured funding for many club initiative from travel expenses to funding for staging and he challenged the Elected committee to look at  the many available

avenues that are available from National Lottery to local council grants across the Uk and felt that this could and should be shared across all Federation Member clubs so that any local grants/funding that are available could be made accessible to clubs and that the Federation should look for other ways to generate income although he’s complementary of the decision to introduce a federation ring scheme it shouldn’t been seen as a revenue scheme but as a sign of leadership

He also gave an insight into the recent legislation around Cage birds and the scare mongering that he felt was been sent around the fancy, he gave an insight into the current system that is in place in the north of Ireland around registered flock numbers and the advantages with such a system. when an outbreak of suspected bird flu happens and that all Bird keeps within the local vicinity are notified. He encouraged the federation to embrace the legislation and instead of been forthright in its dismissal we should try to engage and influence the direction its going in and a step in the right direction would be the introduction of a welfare officer at all Federation Member Shows in 2018

Charlie also set a recommendation that with the Election of the new secretary in place to whom he knows very well he would like to see a more regular communication between the secretary and the member clubs and also that we could make better use of the promotional tools that we currently have at our disposal to promote the fancy i.e. Cage & Aviary ,Facebook etc

The general feel and comments in the room to Charlies ideas and suggestions where well received


2019 AGM

will be at Held at the Blue C Hotel 82 Queens Promenade, North Shore, Blackpool. FY2 9RO.

Sunday 7th April 2013 at 11am.


With no other discussion points the Chairman Mr Jim Watkins wished the delegates a safe journey home and closed the meeting at 1.26pm



Mr Paul Larkin

General Sec

Fife Fancy Federation  

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