REGULATIONS ( updated 2021 )


1.That this Organization be called the

“Fife Fancy Federation”.


2.The object shall be to co-ordinate,

advance, encourage the culture,

improvement, and honorable exhibition

of this special breed.


3.The working year of the Federation

to be from AGM date in March until AGM date in March the following year.


4. Any bona-fide Fife Fancy club may

join the Federation provided its

application is approved at the Fife Fancy Federation A.G.M and

 obtains more than 50% of member votes.


A bone fide club should: -


i) Collect annual subscriptions from



ii) Elect officers, Chairman, Vice

Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer, and a



iii) Hold an AGM, (copy minutes to FFF



iv) Have a constitution and rules and

regulations, (copy to be forwarded to

FFF secretary)


v) Promote the Fife Fancy Canary by

whatever means possible, shows,

meetings, publicity etc.,


vi) Elect two delegates to represent the

club on the Federation


vii) All Member club secretaries in

future must advertise their meeting

dates and venues on the Federation



(New Club Application Form Available

from the Downloads Section)


5. New member clubs shall pay an

annual affiliation fee of £30.00 per

annum or a fee set by the Fife.

Any club that wished to join the FFF would need to obtain 

a majority vote and meet the required criteria




Fancy Federation at its annual AGM.

Member clubs to pay the annual

affiliation prior to the AGM


6. All member clubs to provide an

Email address for the secretary to

allow for better communication


7. The affairs of the Federation to be

managed by a Chairman, Vice-

Chairman, Secretary; Treasurer, and

delegates from the member clubs who

shall form the committee.


This Quorum to have the ability to

make decisions throughout the year

that is considered to be beneficial to

the FFF.


Decisions affecting the constitution or

general rules are to be approved by

committee and member clubs.


An AGM will be held in Marxh each year

and each member club may appoint

two delegates to attend the Federation

meetings, but only one vote per

member club shall be accepted on any



All officers of the FFF to be elected




Proxy votes are not acceptable. In the

event of a tie the Chairperson has the

casting vote based on his personal


view which may not necessarily be that

of his club.


10. All rule changes and Mandates

voted, and Passed at the Federation

AGM will come into Force immediately

after the AGM has concluded and all

club Secretary’s receive an updated

copy to refer to.


11. The Federation shall use its

influence to provide proper classes for

the Fife Fancy Canary at Shows and to

maintain a Federation Full

Classification list consisting of classes

for both Champion and Novice.


Junior and flighted classes are at clubs

discretion however they are to be





A) The federations list of Panel

Judges shall be approved at each

AGM and any new applications

received through Federation

member clubs Secretaries for

panel judge status will be



B) Member Club Secretaries

sponsoring applicants for Panel Judge

status should have proof that the

applicant has been a member of a Fife

Fancy Specialist Club(s) for a

minimum total of five years, with a

minimum of three years as champion,

and is a current breeder.


C) That panel judges need to confirm that

the FFF can include their name email address

and phone number where appropriate such as

the FFF website. This confirmation can be via

the online form, a letter or an email.

This will then be deemed to be agreed by the

judge and the FFF until the judge advises

differently by letter or email.

Note; A FFF panel judge does

not have to show at three FFF shows to remain

upon the judging panel.


D) Any international judge that has been

put forward to judge within the UK can be added

to the judges panel in the same manner as a UK



E) Judges shall disqualify any birds not

of natural colour and any complaints

should be notified to the Federation for

a decision.


F) An exhibiting champion can judge the novice classes 

at the same show that he or she is exhibiting at but not the novice specials.


G) Judges can accept judging

engagements at their own discretion.


H) Fife Fancy Federation Secretary to

inform all Panel Judges of any rule

changes following the AGM.


I) The wrong classing of birds at the

Federation shows should be at the

discretion of the judges with no

interaction from any show official. If a

second opinion is required, then it

should be from another Judge




a) Member Clubs shall only grant

Patronage’s to clubs using a Fife

Fancy classification which includes all

classes contained in the Federation’s

list and have appointed Fife Judges

whose names appear on the current

Federation Panel Judge List.


b) No Patronages will be granted to

clubs who accept Fife Patronages from

clubs who are not members of the Fife

Fancy Federation


14. JUNIORS shall retain that status

from the age of 8 to 16 years. The

former Junior Bird League ruling will

be accepted.


15. NOVICES shall remain in the

category for a maximum 8 years from

the first year of exhibiting, after which

period they will lose this status


16. The DEWAR CAGE is the only

accepted Fife show cage and changes

will not be considered until end the of

each three-year rule change period.

They must be black and small round

drinkers only to be used. Spars of

show cages to be placed to leave five

empty wires between them, the first

spar to be on drinking hole wire. Cover

of seed box to have a slot in it and not

holes, and box to contain plain or

mixed canary seed, Tier wohl Super to

be used as floor covering. Cage labels

to be directly under spar, away from

drinker. Spars to be 1/2” (13mm)

diameter with 12-groove spiral.



17. The federation shall have a ring



i) Only one ring per bird, closed or spilt,

no personal initials, letters should

denote ring size or issuing authority,

e.g. size E or IOA.


18. These rules will only be subject to

change if the chairman after consulting

the committee feel it is necessary to

present changes to member clubs for

their approval during the working year


19. The FFF may organise and

oversee any events competitive or

otherwise which are deemed to

enhance the Fife Fancy


20. New pictorial model/guide

approved 2012 from Andy McEwan,

front view and plan commissioned in 2014


21 The FFF show will be held in conjunction with a member club who would host the event.

The clubs will be drawn by ballot and invited to stage the show.

The FFF will provide the following specials for that show each 

year. £ 100 & Large rosette for best in show. £ 50 large rosette and

 diploma for best champion and best novice exhibit.

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