2024 ( Red ) aluminium closed and split rings NOW for sale. 


£3.90 per 10, £39.00 per 100 plus £1.50 postage & packing per order. 

These are from the same supplier as last year’s rings. with improved quality.  


Cheques payable to FIFE FANCY FEDERATION and posted to Ring secretary. 

Mr Michael Gorin Jnr 

25 Orchard way 



TS7 9BT 

Tel: 07814932143 


Alternatively, you can pay by PAYPAL with payment to fedsecretary26@outlook.com. 


Rings will have FFF and number on them. Please specify ring number sequence ( i.e. 1-100 ) + split or closed.  


No orders to be taken after 1-1-24 

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