Thursday 8th June 2023

A new awards system is to be introduced from this coming show season by the Fife Fancy Federation.
These awards are planned to give exhibitors a goal to aim for that presents a worthy challenge with the level of wins set at a reasonably high Level in order to make any success a notable achievement.
The awards are as follows;
1) The 'Lumsden Championship Diploma' for Exhibitors winning three best Champion or three best Novice awards in one show season at Fife Fancy Federation specialist shows.
2) The ‘Lumsden Diploma’ for ten best of colours in one show season in Champion and Novice sections at Fife Fancy Federation specialist shows.
We have gained permission from the Lumsden family in naming these awards to provide a lasting legacy of the Lumsden name within the Fife Fancy.
These diplomas will be professionally designed and be a worthy item to display in any bird room.
The rules of these awards are as follows;
No nominations required
Any number of Fife Fancy Federation specialist shows can be exhibited at to win an award over each show season.
The ‘Lumsden Diploma’ for ten best colour awards include the following best in section colour winners;Clear, Green 10%, Green Variegated, Green Heavily Variegated, Green Self or Foul, Cinnamon, White or Allied
Please note that any additional specials a club may provide will NOT count towards one of the ten colour awards such as best blue or best fawn as examples.
Also if any of the above specials are not awarded by a club no win will count for that section. (For example is there was no best 10%, no best cinnamon or no best white or allied special awards listed within the clubs results for best of colour specials for their show. We encourage our clubs to provide for each colour as in our classification.
The winning criteria of these awards will be accessed at the FFF AGM each year.This is not intended as a competition but a challenge to our exhibitors to win a ‘Lumsden award’ and be credited for that achievement.

 24th March 2024
The highlights of the A G M meeting was the presentations made by president Paul Gillott to the 2023 "Lumsden diploma" winners who were Matt Dando, Neil Dams and Joanne Vickers.

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