GENERAL NOTES



1.                                   STANDARD & SCALE OF POINTS


 HEAD                                                                                                                        10

 Small round and neat - beak fine, eyes central to  roundness of head and body.


 BODY                                                                                                                       10

Well filled and nicely rounded from a gentle rise over the shoulders  and back to base of the tail, chest also rounded, but neither heavy nor prominent.


 WINGS                                                                                                                      10

Compact and carried close to the body, meeting at the tips, just below the root of tail.


 LEGS                                                                                                                           5

 Of medium length, showing little thigh.


 PLUMAGE                                                                                                                  10

 Close, firm, fine in quality.


 TAIL                                                                                                                             5

 Close packed and narrow, being nicely rounded and filled  in at the root. 

POSITION & CARRIAGE                                                                                              10         

Semi-erect, standing at an angle of 60 degrees. Gay, jaunty with full  Poise of head 

 COLOUR                                                                                                                    10

 Rich, soft and pure, as level in tint as possible  throughout but extreme depth and hardness such as  colour feeding gives are DEBARRED.


 HEALTH                                                                                                                         5

  Condition and cleanliness shall have due weight.

SIZE               Not to exceed 4 1/4 INCHES (108mm)                                                  25 


2.                                          DESCRIPTION OF MARKINGS



CLEAR BIRD          A clear bird is one which has no dark feathers. 

TICKED BIRD        One which has not more than one dark mark coverable by a new penny or three dark feathers  side by side on wing or tail. 

VARIEGATED BIRDS        A lightly variegated bird must be less than 50% dark            feathers.

A  HEAVILY variegated bird to be greater than 50% dark  feathers and  separate classes are provided. 

FOUL BIRD       One which has not more than one light mark coverable by a penny or three light feathers side by side on wing or tail.

SELF BIRD               A self bird must be all dark,  ie no light feathers. 

Other descriptions:-

 Three Parts Dark - greater than 75% dark feathers , shown in the Heavily Variegated class. 

Grizzle bird -to be shown as variegated in appropriate classes, ie     according to the amount of grizzle. A grizzle mark smaller than one new penny is shown in the variegated class NOT the ticked class because the grizzle is more than one dark mark.

 3.                                        NOVICE EXHIBITORS


Where a Novice Fife exhibitor resides in the same household as a Champion Fife exhibitor the Novice must show in the higher status.  If the higher status exhibitor exhibits any variety of cage birds other than Fifes then the Novice Fife exhibitor shall exhibit under his or her own status.

 4.                                         JUNIOR AWARDS 

All FFF member clubs will have rosettes available for Junior classes when patronage’s are granted.  These will not be sent automatically with the other rosettes unless secretaries of the clubs applying for patronage’s request them as not all clubs require them.

2.                                          HONORARY MEMBERS


All secretaries of Federation member clubs and the secretary of the FFF shall be accorded the privilege of honorary membership of all other member clubs during their terms of office.

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