WEEK 40     North Staffs & South Cheshire F.C.C           6th  October     

Week 41     London Fife Fancy Canary Club                   13th  October

WEEK 42      WEST OF SCOTLAND  FFCC                         20th  October                                                  

                      CLEVELAND BORDER AND FIFE F F C        20th  October                                          

                       INTERNATIONAL F F C A                             20th  October  

                       IRISH FIFE CANARY CLUB                           20th  October                  

WEEK 43       EAST OF ENGLAND BORDER AND FIFE       26th October 

                      THE NORTH WEST F F C C                           27th  October                         

                      SOUTHERN COUNTIES F F C C                    27th  October      

                      Fife Fancy Canary Club                                27th  October

WEEK 44    Scottish F F C C                                               2nd  November        

                    SOUTHERN ENGLAND F F C C                      3rd  November

WEEK 45   BORDER / FIFE DEUTSCHLAND             9th  10th November

                    NORTH WALES FFCC                                      10th  November    

WEEK 46    NORTH OF ENGLAND F F C C                        17th  November

WEEK 47     MIDLAND F F C C                                           24th  November

WEEK 48   DANISH BORDER / FIFE CANARY CLUB         30th November.

                   CORNWALL AND DEVON F F C C                   30th  November

                   Fife Federation Annual Exhibition                 1st December

                   ESSEX KENT & COUNTIES FFCC                      1st December      

WEEK 49   WEST WALES FFCC                                           8th December

                   CUMBRIA BORDER & FIFE FCC                       8th December


 WEEK 50   FIFE CANARY CLUB OF IRELAND                   14th December

                    Mid Ulster F.F.C.C                                           14th December

WEEK 1     EAST ANGLIA FFCC                                        5th  January  2020

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