Annual General Meeting 2019.

held at the Blue C Hotel 82 Queens Promenade, North Shore, Blackpool. FY2 9RO. Sunday 7th April 2019 at 11am.
1. Chairman’s Welcome. The Chairman Jim Watkins opened the meeting at 11.03am by welcoming all the delegates from 18 affiliated clubs to Blackpool.

 2. Apologies. Chris Smith Southern Counties FFC Gary Mc Beath London FFCC

 3. Minutes from the 2018 AGM. These had been read to the affiliated Federation Clubs, all those present were happy to have them excepted as a true record being proposed by Graham Pepper Midland FFCC and seconded by Cain Thomas North Wales F.F.C.C

 4. Maters arising. Nil.

Cheque received from Fife Fancy Canary Club £30 Email from the Border Convention re the change of the points system by Com and the proposal to award the same points system to both Borders and Fifes at Com run Shows ,The secretary informed the all present that he has sent a strong worded letter in opposition to such a move to Com and was delighted that the proposal was voted down at the Com AGM

 6. Chairman’s Address. The Chairman thanked the delegates for taking the time to support the meeting. He addressed the delegation and said that the year as a whole had been very successful and that the Fancier of the Year had been a huge success and over all had contributed to an increase of birds been shown ,He congratulated Gerald Spencer and jimmy Roberts for their successful season and winning the first every Federation Fancier of the Year . He thanked Paul Larkin the Federation Secretary for his hard work and dedication to his role and the amount of work he put in over the past year .Henry cooper got a special thanks as the chair was fully aware of the difficult job he had closing and opening the Federations Bank Account. He apologized for not been able to attend the National exhibition due to ill health but would like to thank the show committee for running another successful show .He said the introduction of the federation ring scheme was a huge step forward and will only become more successful as the fancy grows

 7.Vice Chairman’s Address. Michael Gorin Snr. Opened his address asking the delegation to have a more positive focus after the AGM as he had heard comments that where less that positive after last year’s AGM .He thanked the chair Mr Jim Watkins for his help over the past year and spoke about the positive changes that have happened over the past year in the federation and that the extension of the committee with a dedicated Treasure been appointed was a step in the right direction .He complimented the Federation Sec for his work rate .He addressed the delegation that change is a good thing and that maybe with the fact that the Fancy i being an aged membership we sometimes need a prod in the back to change. And we do...with a slower pace.... but to. The younger ones. Remember with age comes experience and wisdom. He thanked Henry Cooper for his work and wished all a great breeding season

8 Secretaries Report.
. Firstly, I would like to welcome the you all here for to the blue sea hotel for my First AGM as Federation Sec
I would like to pass my condolences to the family friends and Members of Cleveland Border and fife club and Midlands fife club for the untimely passing of long-standing members and respected fanciers Mr Charlie Adams and Mr Brian Legg in the past year and to all Fanciers who may have passed last year
My first year as Federation Sec as many of you would know has been a busy one. I had to get off to a running start as the first few weeks was catching up implementing passed mandates that went back as far as 2015 there has been some whispers and criticism of the myself and the Federation that there is too much change ‘things are changing too quickly ‘ There was a lot to change because I was playing catch up on the on years of sitting still . I want clubs to remember I am only the implementer of change and it is you the clubs that are the instigators of change, if you vote for change under this Secretary it will be implemented swiftly and efficiently.
I would like to firstly thank Terry Cockburn and Daz Fones who from the very start has been Brilliant with the amount of new information and updates that I sent them for the website and Facebook page they never once complained well not to me directly anyways
I would like to thank Henry Cooper who is also in his first Term as Federation Treasurer for his hard work and dedication in getting the Federations Financial affairs up to date I know it wasn’t a easy task getting old accounts closed and the New on open
This year was a successful year across the fancy with 12247 birds been exhibited across all federation shows .The introduction of the Federations Fancier of the year competition added to the excitement in the fancy as a whole ,I would like to congratulate Gerald Spencer for winning Champion Fancier of the year and Jimmy Roberts on winning the Novice award there was 44 different Champion Special winners and 42 different Novice winners over the year and 12 different Best in Show winners .
The Federation Show in Stafford seen a record entry with the highest number of birds entered in recent years also with over £1500 in cash and prices given out making it the largest prize fund across all federation shows. not only that but also managed to make a profit and for the first time in the federations 34-year History we have retaining assets in the form of judging stands purchased by the National Committee .i would like to place on record that he T shirts purchased for the show committee at the 2018 Show where funded 100% out of my pocket and where done for the purpose of the committee been identifiable to Fanciers at the Exhibition ,I would like all Clubs and Fanciers to contact me directly with any queries they have and not listen to whispers that come from Members of the fancy who firstly have no idea and secondly there whispers are only said for there own gain and to undermine the work of the federation
I would like to thank the Federation Show committee Simon Mahon ,Daz Fones, Harry Clarke Sharon Kendall Henry Cooper Adam Kendal for all their hard work ,As the Elected Show Secretaries enter their final term in office I would sincerely hope that they stand next year to continue in their roles with the federation
The Federation Ring Scheme has been a huge success and we are on course to supply 9000 rings in its first year. with affiliation to both the EOA and IOA .We have taken on board all the recommendation from fanciers and there will be changes to the lettering on the Split rings going forward ,it’s our first year it was never going to be perfect it’s a learning process and one that will improve over the next year ,I have found some of the comments and criticisms of the ring Scheme come from Fanciers who never purchased rings I would compare this to you ‘ going to Tesco and complaining and asking for a refund for a Chicken that your Neighbour Purchased . Those that do  nothing for the fancy should have nothing to complain about FACT. WE in The federation need to show unity and leadership Comments and whispers only undermine the work of the federation ,I travelled to several shows and spoke to the grass route fanciers who keep this hobby going and I can say the fancy is in a good place and it’s a case of loads done with plenty still to do
It has been a honour to be take the role as federation Secretary and look forward to continuing to Help Grow the hobby in 2019

9. Treasurer Report
Henry Cooper furnished the delegation with a copy of the financial report for 2018 which was adopted, and the federation is in a stronger financial position then the previous year

 10. Show committee report
Henry cooper from the show committee addressed the delegates and opened with his address with asking clubs to asked members to help out as stewards at the Federation Show as at times non- Fanciers was getting birds from the staging which is far from ideal ,over all the Show was a great success ,He thanked Adam Kendal for his work in securing a huge amount of sponsorship for the show which amounted to over 700 pounds in products alone Adam Kendal addressed the delegation and said that the over all plan with sponsors is a deal that will benefit all federation shows and will update along with the Federation Secretary later in the year 2019 Business.

11.New Federation Clubs
London Fife Fancy Canary Club
The Scottish Fife Fancy Canary Club
Fife Fancy Canary Club of Italiano
All Clubs where accepted into the Federation

12. Mandates
1. WWFFC Propose the change to TierWhol as a show cage floor covering. North Wales FFCC Change the show cage floor covering from Oat Husk to TierWohl or a similar product. North Staffs & South Cheshire FFCC propose Oak Husks to be removed as cage floor covering and Tierwhol or like products accepted as its replacement .Tierwhol will be the agreed floor covering and any like product deemed the same at the agreement of the Federation Committee ,so as not to be tied to one supplier and allow easier access
  Southern England Fife Fancy Canary Club propose A Suitable wood based floor covering for show cages such as Teirwhol to replace Oat Husk
WWFFC mandate was passed by 12 votes to 6

2.Cleveland B&F FCC would like to propose that all federation affiliated Clubs judge the novice section before the champion section at there annual show This is to ensure that the novice entries receive the same time ,care and consideration as the Champion section
Mandate defeated by 12 votes to 6

3. Cleveland B&F FCC would like to propose an amendment to Rule 9 
Current Rule 9 : A show committee shall be elected to run the Federation National Exhibition and are given the powers to make any decision deemed necessary to run a successful show
Proposed Change : That once the Show Secretary/Secretaries are Elected for the National Exhibition at the AGM ,That an Open Committee is formed by the show secretary and that all meetings are advertised so as to enable anyone in the fancy who would like to assist in the running of the show is given the opportunity
Mandate defeated 13 votes to 5

4. Fife Canary Club Of Ireland propose that any Panel Judge who takes up 2 or more Fife Federation Club Engagement that this contribution to the fancy should Count as 1 of the Judges requirements under rule 12B. wasn’t voted on due to a technicality

5. Federation Secretary amendment's because of passed mandates at previous AGM some of the wording of our current rule are misleading and have created grey areas around the ruling and I suggest the following amendment's to maintain the integrity of the Fife Fancy Federation

Rule 15 Rings – only one ring per bird, closed or spilt, no personal initials, letters should denote ring size or issuing authority, e.g. size E or IOA
Suggested Ammenment Rings –only one ring per bird Closed or Split ,Aluminium or Plastic , No personal Initials only letters allowed is E (RING SIZE ) & Issuing authority. Details to comply with IOA & EOA regulation also permitted (Breeder Code ) . All Birds Exhibited in Current year Classes must be rung with current year Coloured rings . Birds exhibited in current year classes who’s rings are deemed to be of a significantly Different Shade then the current year colour could be deemed a marked bird and be removed from Exhibition not voted on as delegation felt the current rule was enough

6.North Wales FFCC propose Allow fanciers to use small black bottomed plastic tubular drinkers on their show cages if they wish to do so. All drinkers to be identical and placed in the same place on the Dewer cage (location to be decided by the FFF).
Mandate defeated 11 votes to 6 . 1 abstention

North Staffs & South Cheshire FFCC propose side drinkers to be placed under the door on the reverse side of the cage. The drinker been a standardised black drinker bought by the federation and distributed to clubs / fanciers .This is to assist in modern bird keeping techniques using tubular drinkers and to help with bird welfare at shows
Mandate defeated 11 votes to 6 . 1 abstention

7.WWFFCC propose that in the event of such a rule being passed, that The Federation shall be the sole supplier of drinkers used, to guarantee uniformity of the type, colour and size of the drinkers to be used. n/a

8. North Wales FFCC propose Introduce a maximum number of Best novice wins at FFF affiliated clubs for novice fanciers, before having to move up to champion status at the end of that particular year (number of wins to be decided by the FFF).
Mandate defeated 10 votes to 7 . 1 abstention

9.North Wales FFCC propose Change the gold classification as follows, to incorporate four additional classes:
Down to 90% green variegated yellow cock
Down to 90% green variegated yellow hen
Down to 90% green variegated buff cock
Down to 90% green variegated buff hen
Green self yellow cock
Green self yellow hen
Green self buff cock
Green self buff hen
Mandate defeated 16 votes to 2

10. North Staffs & South Cheshire propose the addition to the classes
Any Fawn Cock
Any Fawn Hen
Mandate passed 10 votes to 8

11Southern England Fife Fancy Canary Club propose The wrong classing of birds at the National and specialist shows should be at the discretion of the judges with no interaction from any show official. If a second opinion is required, then it should be from another Judge
  mandate passed 18 votes to nil

12.Mid-Lands FFCC propose that the federation put forward an incentive for Birds Winning with Fife Fancy Federation rings on
mandate defeated 14 votes to 5

13.North Staffs & South Cheshire propose All champion birds exhibited at fife federations shows must be rung with federation rings bearing FFF, purchased from the fife federation ring scheme. This would come in to effect for the 2020 show season giving fanciers a years grace/ pre warning due to many having purchased rings for the 2019 season. Novice and junior fanciers to be prompted to use FFF rings by the addition of extra prize money/ FOY points for winners bearing FFF rings. The reason why this would not be mandatory for these sections is to not dissuade new fanciers from exhibiting if they have obtain non fed rings 
mandate defeated 16 to 2

14.Southern England Fife Fancy Canary Club propose The National Show preparation meeting should be advertised and open for any affiliated club representative to attend mandate passed 11 votes to 7

15.Southern England Fife Fancy Canary Club propose The selection of judges for the National Show should revert back to the affiliated clubs to submit a list of their preferred judges which would then be voted on at the AGM.
Mandate defeated 12 votes to 6

Nominations for the Judges Panel
M Alger 4 Appleton Court Appleton Lane North Cave East Yorkshire HU15 2GA Phone 01430470701

Paul Larkin 51 Jamestown Park Ratoath Co Meath Ireland Phone 00353838642345 Email

Barry Mc Guire 15 Holborn Cresent Priorslee Telford Shropshire F2F 9FD Phone 07484879813 Email

Graham Pepper 14 Bramell Close Branston Burton on Trent Staffordshire DE14 3ES Phone 07375867412 Email

The Appointments above where all approved to the Federation Panel

 Federation Insurance
 Federation Insurance was discussed, and it was agreed that this is a General housekeeping issue which the Secretary should deal with and it was also proposed and accepted that the secretary in future could deal with such issues without consultation with member clubs. The Secretary was instructed to look into the possibility of an insurance scheme similar to that used by the colour canary association to benefit the fife fancy as a whole

 Discussion Points

AGM Venue 2020
It was discussed about moving the AGM to a larger and more central location to help with the ease of travel for clubs and also to allow fancier to attend the AGM ,The current venue didn’t have room to facilitate the delegated that attended this year’s AGM so it was agreed that the Secretary find a suitable venue and inform the clubs in due course

Welfare Officers
 It was agreed that all clubs appoint a welfare officer Mike bell (Cumbria) suggest that this role is currently undertaken by the show manager ,The Secretary agreed that this is possible and a great idea but would need the details so that in the case of them needing to be contacted by the federation

Adam Kendal (East Anglia) mentioned that all Show managers need to be informed of this role as they are the person who will take sole responsibility in the case of a defra inspection

John o keefee (North West ) spoke about the serious consequences if we take the bird welfare issues lightly Many clubs where unaware that the local council can arrive and simply shut your show without consultation

The Federation Secretary said that we as clubs should show the lead when it comes to bird welfare and not be left waiting for a issue to arise before reacting ,it was agreed that clubs will provide contact details for the Federation of there appointed welfare officer in the case that the Secretary needs to contact them

Federation Web Site
it was agreed that a new website be created to enable more information and additional formats be provided ie email addresses for clubs etc .Daz will start the process and the Secretary will speak to Terry re the move

CBS Award scheme
create a CBS Fife Exhibitor award and offer it to clubs who would like to affiliate to it for a fee of £10 this was discussed and agree that that anything to help grow the fancy is worth doing we will issue 4 federation rosettes for each CBS Best Champ-Best Novice -Best Junior -Best in Show

Federation Show
It was agreed that the Federation show will move from the Parrot Society Sales day in Stafford from 2019 to The First weekend in December and that the N.Stafford & S.Cheshire F.C.C will move to the show date at the Stafford Venue to facilitate the Running of a stand alone Federation Show a potential venue has been looked at and the planning for the event with commence straight away

Funding opportunity’s for Federation and Clubs
Mr Charlie Gardiner(Mid Ulster) asked to address the room and asked following on from last years discussion what had been done to explore the opportunity’s to seek funding for the Federation ,he highlighted the need for outside funding more so now that the federation is running a stand alone show ,he felt their was huge opportunity’s to obtain this type of funding for the fancy as a whole
The vice chair asked where such funding could be obtained and Charlie stated that there is local council and central government funding available as well as lottery grands ,Michael asked Charlie could he assist in providing the details of obtaining such funding as his only experience was when his club was unsuccessful in getting funding from the lottery but had no knowledge of the process at all and assured Charlie that if he helped that he would follow up this on the information received .John O keefe (northwest ) gave a insight into the local funding available from local supermarkets ASDA-TESCO ETC by community champion scheme ,john also said that Charlie has been helping him and that the club where on their second round of applications for a lottery grant
Adam Kendal stated that this issue was raised at last years AGM and what progress had been made and the vice chair acknowledged that no action had been taken in the previous year he apologised on behalf of the committee
2020 AGM will be held on Sunday the 5th of April al 11am , The venue will be confirmed by the Federation Secretary in due course
With no other discussion points the Chairman Mr Jim Watkins wished the delegates a safe journey home and closed the meeting at 1.44pm
Mr Paul Larkin
General Sec Fife Fancy Federation

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