New Secretary/Treasurer/Publicity Officer for the Fife Fancy Federation.


At the Annual General Meeting of the Fife Fancy Federation held Sunday 9th April 2017 at the Blue C Hotel North Shore, Blackpool. Wayne Morton was appointed Secretary/Treasurer/Publicity Officer following the resignation of David Shelbourne.

A message from your new Secretary

I’m delighted that the Fife Fancy Federation announces my appointment as Secretary/Treasurer/Publicity Officer following the AGM. I’ve been successfully breeding and exhibiting birds since 1972 and been actively involved in the running of Specialist clubs since 1980 holding various senior positions. I’m sure that we all agree that David will be a hard act to follow as he made many significant changes to massively improve the running of the Federation  in his 2 year term in the role . My objective is to now maintain the incredible work already done and working alongside the other Officials and Affiliated Clubs sharing my passion, knowledge and experience  to further promote the Fife Fancy to the highest possible level throughout the Uk & Europe.

On behalf of the Fife Fancy I wish to thank David for his contribution to the fancy and wish all the very best for the future.

Contact Details.

Wayne Morton.
32 Greenhills Road.

Telephone 01604 820280
Mobile  07856 741798


Annual General Meeting 2017.

Held at the Blue C Hotel 82 Queens Promenade, North Shore, Blackpool. FY2 9RO.

Sunday 9th April 2017 at 11am.


1. Chairman’s Welcome.  The Chairman Jim Watkins opened the meeting at 11.05am by welcoming all the delegates from 14 affiliated clubs to Blackpool.

2. Apologies. Chris Wilding East Anglian FFCC.

3. Minutes from the 2016 AGM. These had been circulated to the affiliated Federation Clubs, all those present were happy to have them excepted as a true record being proposed by Bill Bannister North of England and seconded by Michael Gorin Junior Cleveland Border & Fife.

4. Maters arising. Nil.

5. Chairman’s Address. The Chairman thanked the Secretary David Shelbourne his exceptional contribution to the Federation during the past 12 Months he also thanked the delegates for taking the time to support the meeting. Jim requested that all affiliated clubs abide by what is set out by the federation.

Vice Chairman’s Address . Michael Gorin Snr also thanked the Secretary for his contribution during the past 12 Months. Michael also thanked  Terry Cockburn for his contribution to the Federation web-site and advised the meeting that he had been in contact with Terry and he was happy to run the site for another 12 months but required more information from affiliated clubs. Proposed  by Adam Kendal and Seconded by Michael Gorin Jnr that Terry received a Hamper prior to Christmas.

6/7.  Secretaries Report. The Secretary gave a full report on the years workings. The National again proved a great success with a record entry David thanked all for their support in running the show. After going through the finances on the balance sheet it was proposed by Steve Cooke North of England and second by Chris Smith Southern Counties that the balance sheet be accepted a true record. Chris Smith on behalf of  Les Rance thanked the Fife Federation for their contribution at the National  Exhibition.

8. Any other business. Nil

2017 Business.

Jim Watkins and Michael Gorin Snr thanked the retiring Secretary David Shelbourne for his contribution to the Fife Fancy Federation and National Exhibition in his 2 year term as Secretary and wish him well in the future.

9. Election of Officers.

Chairman Jim Watkins                                   No other nominations.
Vice Chairmain Michael Gorin Snr               No other nominations.

9a & 9b covered in mandates.

10 Correspondence The secretary explained that there were 2 applications from new clubs to join the Federation which would come up in any other business.



a) West Wales FFCC propose that Wayne Morton be elected as General Secretary of the Fife Fancy Federation.  Vote 14 carried. Jim Watkins thanked David again for his contribution to the fancy and invited Wayne Morton to join the top table.

b) West Wales FFCC and Cleveland Border/Fife FCC propose that Adam & Sharon Kendall and Simon Mahon be joint secretaries for the National Fife Show and if elected have the powers to elect a Show committee and take all decisions as the committee deem necessary to organise a successful show. The Chairman suggested that Wayne Morton be part of the show committee. Vote 14 Carried. Date of meeting & location to be arranged.


Southern Counties FFCC propose that the Fife Fancy Federation adhere to the rules and consult all clubs prior to proposals being made and decisions taken. The Chairman Jim Watkins apologised for not adhering to the rule at the 2016 AGM in relation to the Canary Council vote. Vote 14 Carried.


a) Southern Counties FFCC Propose that the Fife Fancy Federation re-affiliates to the Canary Council, with changes to the Wildlife Act and EU legislation imminent. It is important that we are represented at the meetings with DEFRA. Vote 2 For 12 Against Defeated.

b) West Wales FFCC propose that the Fife Fancy Federation does not re-join the Canary Council. Vote not required.

Adam Kendall asked what does the Canary Council give to the Federation? Would it not be more beneficial to join the NCA in relation to European legislation?

Chris Smith Explained what may happen in the next few years for example COM have started looking at changing various Models & Standards and advised that there would be nothing the Federation could do unless the Federation took out a Copyright to protect the current model & standard.


Rule Change 9.

Cleveland Border & Fife FCC propose that a fancier be allowed to hold more than one position across multiple clubs, due to the reduced number of fanciers willing to take on such roles. Vote 14 carried


Cage Floor Covering.

a) Southern Counties FFCC propose that Oat Husk be re-placed with clean White paper as the show cage floor covering. Vote 1 For 13 Against Defeated.

b) Southern England FFCC propose that corrugated cardboard be an optional show cage floor covering, for any willing fanciers to use at Specialist Shows, to assess any issues that may arise from its use. This would take place for this year’s show season with a view to being phased in during the following season, subject to the Federation AGM. We suggest that the Federation should be involved in the purchase and sale of the corrugated cardboard with a view to generating an income stream from its provision. Vote 4 For 10 Against Defeated.

Henry Cooper had brought samples of corrugated cardboard currently being used by the Colour Canary Clubs.


Rule Books.

North Wales FFCC Propose that if any changes are implemented at the Annual General Meetings that each affiliated Club should receive a new addition for their secretary to refer to. Vote 14 carried.


Show Classification.

a) West Wales FFCC propose that all member clubs of the Fife Fancy Federation are required under the Rules & Regulations to use the Official Fife Federation Classification. Vote 14 Carried.

b) Southern Counties FFCC propose that the Foul Birds are placed in the Heavily Variegated so that self birds have their own class in each colour. Vote 5 For 9 Against Defeated.

c) Southern Counties FFCC propose separate Fawn Classes for Variegated and Self Fawns. Vote 4 for 10 against Defeated.

d) Midland FFCC propose that the Gold Classification should be amended as follows:-

Class 31 Variegated & H.V (inc tkd) White Cock.
Class 32 Variegated & H.V (inc tkd) White Hen.
class 33 Variegated & H.V (inc tkd) Fawn Cock.
Class 34 Variegated & H.V (inc tkd) Fawn Hen.
Class 35 Blue Self or Foul Cock.
Class 36 Blue Self or Foul Hen.
Class 37 Fawn Self or Foul Cock.
Class 38 Fawn Self or Foul Hen.

Note: This would mean an additional two classes. Vote 6 For 8 Against Defeated.


Description of Markings- General Notes Rule Book Number 2.

a) Cleveland Border & Fife FCC propose that Ticked Birds also Three Parts Dark Birds section be removed as these terms are no longer used due to the new Classification. Vote 14 Carried.

b) Cleveland Border & Fife FCC propose that Foul Bird, one which has not more than one light mark coverable by a penny or up to three light feathers in the wing or tail. Vote 14 that the wording be changed and made clearer.


Discussion Points.

a) West Wales FFCC At the last Federation AGM it was proposed that the Fife Federation Show schedule should be standardised, a vote was taken by the member clubs and the mandate was passed and some clubs had failed to comply. Jim explained that we should stick to what we set out at the AGM. Some delegates explained that they had already printed their schedules last year but have now changed to the Gold Classification.

b) Follow up to the secretaries suggestion at the 2016 AGM in relation to the Federation supplying Rings. David Shelbourne  had sample rings from 2 suppliers which was both of very high quality. It was suggested that Charlie Gardiner give a brief overview of how the ring scheme run by the Mid Ulster FFCC club worked and if it was successful. It was agreed that the Federation secretary write to all affiliated club secretaries asking if their members would be interested in purchasing their rings through the Federation it was agreed that it should be optional and Split or Closed could be used.


Nominations for the Judges Panel.

Cleveland Border & Fife FCC propose:

Michael Gorin Snr 43, Churchill Road, Eston, Middlesborough TS6 9PN Phone 01642 295342.

Tom Campbell 6 Sneddon Avenue, Wilshaw, Lanarkshire. ML2 8DX Phone 07958780627.

Southern England FFCC propose:

Andrew Cooper 25 Hamden Way, Papworth Everard, Cambs CB23 3UG  Phone 01480 839189.

Richard Knowles 74 Earith Road, Willingham, Cambs CB24 5LS  Phone 01954 261707.

West Wales FFCC propose:

Mark Jones 8 Heol Crwys, Cumavon, Port Talbot. SA12 9NT  Phone 01639 885679.

North Wales FFCC propose:

Tom Campbell  6 Sneddon Avenue, Wilshaw, Lanarkshire. ML2 8DX  Phone 07958780627.

Cain Thomas  Treforan, Waenfawr, Near Caernarfon, North Wales. LL5 4YY  Phone 01286 650774

Luc Thomas Treforan, Waenfawr, Near Caernarfon, North Wales. LL5 4YY  Phone 01286 650774.

Vote 14 Carried Congratulations to all the above.

Panel Judges Review.

The Mid Ulster FFCC recommended that Roy Lynas be removed from the panel for failing to comply with the Criteria. Following a discussion it was agreed that he be left on taking into account the years Grace.

The secretary will update the list after making contact with fanciers that were in question.


Any Other Business

Applications for affiliation to the Fife Fancy Federation From:

Essex & Kent Counties Fife Fancy Canary Club.  Vote 14 Carried.

The Fife Canary Club Of Ireland. Vote 14 Carried.

The Federation wish both Clubs all the very best for the future.

The Southern England FFCC asked for a vote of thanks to David Shelbourne be included in the minutes.

Congratulations to Graham Bradbrook on his success at the World Show winning a Gold Medal.

The 2018 AGM will be held on Sunday 8th April.

Meeting closed at 13:30.

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